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Do I have an original Floyd or a Schaller?

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  • Do I have an original Floyd or a Schaller?

    So, I replaced a Floyd Rose special with what I thought was a Schaller Floyd Rose. The box says Schaller, the paperwork says Schaller but the actual Trem it's self just says Floyd Rose and nothing else.

    Well, I assumed this was just normal. However, I now have another guitar I'd like to change to an original Floyd Rose and since I like the other one I have a lot, I want the same exact one, so seeing that the box said Schaller, I searched for Schaller, all I could find are Trems that have Schaller written on them and licensed by Floyd Rose. Mine doesn't say any of that.

    Did this change over the past year or two or something? Or did the seller put the thing in the wrong box? It said it was new, it was also oiled like a new one and tied in the box like a new one. Yet... Says Schaller on the box.

    Now I'm confused as which one to get. I wanted the same one but the seller is sold out. Here is the one I currently have, it does not say Schaller anywhere but on the box and paper work it does.

    When I look for Schaller I find ones that look like this, which look nothing like mine.

    So, do I have an original Floyd and not a Schaller this whole time?

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    The 1st trem is OFR . The 2nd has inserts( at the pivot point) you don't want that type. Shaller make OFR and Cheaper version of floyds.