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  • NuTubescreamer

    I just saw this one . Has anyone tried it ?
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    Saw that. Interesting tech. Can't tell if they sound/play better. Nothing jumps out at you; at least not from Youtube. Vox has a series too.
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      The Nu Tube technology is very interesting .I'll take a look at Vox too


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        It has a CLEAN BLEND?!? Bass players should be all over that, that's their #1 requested feature.

        *EDIT* Just looked these up - TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS for an OD pedal that's not a Klon. Maybe that's temporary until supply catches up to demand, but sweet jeezus, that's a lot of money for an Ibby pedal.
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          The blend control is a good idea. All the distortion pedal effects in my Kemper have blends and really useful.

          I don't understand the "Nu" bit, but I love TS when used right. Take that puppy and stick it in front of a tube amp on the edge of breakup. TS settings - Drive = 0, Tone = 8, Volume = bit more than with the pedal off

          Now grab your Strat, neck+middle and you're away to the races.



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            Originally posted by gardo View Post
            The Nu Tube technology is very interesting .

            I wonder if we'll see those being used in microphones eventually too...

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