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    I am unable to intonate the guitar after changing string guage on my B.C Rich.....with licensed floyd rose..

    The high e, b, and g are fine but the low e, a and d are not intonated.....and d is worst about a half step below(db) on 12th fret.....and low e and d are about a quarter step above on 12th step

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    setting the intonation on a floyd can frustrating. You have a screw that locks the saddle in place, you need to unlock the screw to move the saddle backward or forward.


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      ^^ What he said. And welcome to the forum!

      But make sure the guitar is perfectly in tune before starting. Since the Floyd is a floating bridge, if it's not in tune, the bridge may not be in the proper position. (Remember, it's held by a combination of string and spring tension.)

      (1) Loosen the string
      (2) Loosen the allen screw that holds the saddle in place.
      (3) Move the saddle forward if the string is too flat, back if it's sharp. NOTE: There are 2 screw holes on the bridge. This is in case you max out the saddle and it's still flat/sharp. Your "D" saddle screw may need to be moved to the other hole. Below is an example of a Floyd bridge base. the double row of holes are where your saddle get's screwed into

      Click image for larger version  Name:	floyd plate.jpg Views:	1 Size:	20.1 KB ID:	32156952

      (4) Tighten the allen screw again.
      (5) Tune and check.
      (6) Repeat steps 1-5 until the intonation is in.
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        Are you in drop tuning? What did you Gauge of string did you go to and what gauge were on when they were intonated?


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          welcome to the forum! penguin pretty much covered most of it. biggest thing is that the Floyd is level. easiest way ive found to adjust intonation is to hold the bar while moving the saddle. i use one hand to hold the bar and the other to loosen, adjust, and tighten the saddle. if you have to move the saddle to a rear hole, you will need to loosen the tuning peg and crank the bar a little. good luck.
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