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  • Sexy Lace

    Has anyone ever seen a lace tablecloth paint job on a guitar? In the late 60's these were ultra cool on cars.

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    Never seen one on a guitar, or a car for that matter. Really cool looking though.


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      Wellll....back in the day there were all kinds of threads here and in the DIY forum about people finishing/re-finishing their guitars. Lace and fabric-embedded paint jobs. Swirl paint jobs. "Rattle can" nitro lacquer finishes, and on and on.
      This space left intentionally blank.


      • gardo
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        That cracked me up,relic in perfect condition. yeah right

      • Freeman Keller
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        To properly relic a guitar you need to beat on the frets with a hammer, totally muck up the action, pour some sand in the tuners and salt water in the potentiometers. A couple of loose wires in the pups and a cold solder joint or two, maybe break the head off and reglue it. I mean, anyone can scratch the paint, lets do it right

      • Emory
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        I used to wonder if some online retailers included relics in their "scratch and dent" sales.

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      I've mentioned my friend who paints motorcycles - he also does a few guitars. There are some examples at the bottom of this page.

      If you want to have fun, go back to his home page and look at some of the other galleries. In theory anything that you could paint on a chopper gas tank or a race helmet you could paint on a guitar.

      He's the guy I did the skull guitar for - if you look at his work you'll understand.


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        I like the Rat Fink toilet seat.


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          I remember those thread here from years ago. Some players had talent for doing these finishes.
          Two of the nicest gentlemen, and most talented people: Mssr's Diezel and Krampe.
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