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Seymour Duncan Dimebucker Pickup in Strat?

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  • Seymour Duncan Dimebucker Pickup in Strat?

    Opinions on this? Is it possible?

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    Why wouldn't it be?
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      Sure, why not? As long as the area beneath the pickguard is routed for a humbucker, anything should fit.
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        Not sure how the output of that will blend with the single coils. Might need hotter singles too.


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          This strat has a 250k vol. pot that will greatly affect the sound of the pickup .
          The strat does have a coil tap in the bridge / middle pickup mode to help balance the outputs


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            Originally posted by Grant Harding View Post
            Not sure how the output of that will blend with the single coils. Might need hotter singles too.
            ^ This. Possible yes, desirable maybe or maybe not.
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              I read an interesting pamphlet that came with my new Entwistle Dark Star ND - 300k or 250k pots are now being recommended for tone control on HBs, at least by Entwistle. 500k volume still.
              anyway, I don't see any issue, other than Penguin mentioned in regards to the cavity size. If you mainly use the bridge anyway, neck and middle aren't a big deal. If you like incorporating these into your playing, swapping those later for hotter wound singles or single sized buckers would be advisable.
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              Originally Posted by J-E-M
              Use a wah pedal so you can fully express the cry-baby inside

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                Isn't that true of Strats in general?

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                Good point, my bad.

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                Yes this is true. The point is the metal pickup will sound very different with a 250k vol. pot vs, the 500k that it was probably designed for. .There was a statement about 250k or 300k tone pot. So I pointed out guitar has no tone pot on the bridge

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              The guitar has a HB in the bridge, the OP wants to replace it with another HB. If the first one works (and I assume it does) the new one will too, Of course it will have massive metal tone dialed to the exact specs of Dimebag Darrell, Beef, crunch, edge, balls.....

              Just want you want in a pickup


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                Can't see the pics

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              I had this pickup in this cheap super strat once, loved it/saved the guitar project, and I came to this much loved pickup combination for this guitar through trial and error with different pickups before having this Dimebucker save my Strat.
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