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I am at a crossroad, what would you do

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  • I am at a crossroad, what would you do

    I have an opportunity to trade my epi lp standard which is in pristine condition for a brand new stat mim. I dig metal and the softer side. What would you do ?

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    Personally? If I really liked the Epiphone Les Paul Standard, I'd keep it and save my shekels for a Strat.

    I've traded in far too many guitars that I've later regretted. IMHO, it's always best to keep what you like, and save up for what you'd like to add.

    And once you add a Strat, you'll have both bases covered - if you trade the LP, you'll be without a humbucker-equipped guitar, which probably isn't going to make you happy in the long run if you like Metal as well as softer stuff.


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      Thanks Phil I think thats good advice. Getting a bad case of GAS if ya know what I mean. My faves on fender would be gilmour, hendrix and stevie. Gibson would be Iommi, Zakk and many many more. Not trying to start the whole whos the best crap. Just my preference. So yea save and have it all is prob the best idea. Ive also heard that strats have a buzz, whats up with that ? Is it a single coil thing ? My hummers on the lp are quiet as hell. Lets not go " hummer " crazy dudes

    • Grant Harding
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      The noise from single coils is inherent to their design, but that can be sorted with a pickup swap if they're too noisy for you. I use noiseless singles in my Strat and it's my most quiet guitar.

    • Phil O'Keefe
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      Grant's right - the original stock Fender single coil pickups are susceptible to hum and noise - issues that don't really happen with humbuckers... but as Grant also said, there are various options now for single coil style pickups with reduced (or eliminated) hum.

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    A Strat is my preference. The older I get the less I like LP style guitars. I think it's the short scale and my big hands clashing. Plus I miss the sparkle and snap that singles give, especially on the low strings. Plus the pain to keep them in tune with that nut and headstock design. etc...


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      i'm a strat guy myself, but i would not trade a guitar i like for a MIM strat... i would not pay the price of custom shop strat either, but a mim is out of question for me


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        From the title of your thread I thought you were down at Highway 61 and 49, about to do a deal with the Devil. Maybe you are....

        I'm a LP guy but then I'm not really an electric guitar player. I can see the appeal of owning a strat style guitar but every time I build one I end up giving it away. If you feel the need for single coils you can always split yours - two new pots and a little soldering.


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          An MIM Deluxe is a professional grade instrument. An MIM Standard will leave you wanting more. Best yet, is saving up for a used American Strat which will cost you $600 to $700.

          Don't trade your Epiphone LP for a Strat, but if you do then be prepared to put a humbucker in it. If you put a good one in, it'll actually remind you a lot of the sound of a Les Paul.
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            Been playing it all day, I cant trade this. Its heavy as hell but I just Cant do it.. Thanks for the replies guys


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              Freeman, i think i would have had to make the deal at those crossroads


              • Freeman Keller
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                Went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees
                Went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees
                Asked the Lord for mercy, save this poor boy if you please....

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              If it were only that simple , we could all live the dream


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                This one isn't Crossroads but might inspire you to keep your Lester


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                  Im convinced, hanging on


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                    keep the LP... Strats are nice, but you'll miss your hum buckers...
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