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what parts should i change on my les paul?

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  • what parts should i change on my les paul?

    I just had a pickup change. replaced the 498t's to EMG's. Now my les paul has high output pickups. I plan to change the pickguard next to a grey pearloid color. what else should i change? i was thinking of changing pickup rings? will that improve the looks or tone much?

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    hmm.... the player?


    • mbengs1
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      yeah, it's a player. I will play it regularly until it needs a refret. hehehe.

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      Get a Tonepros bridge kit. This is crucial to the vibe that you KNOW toan. Also change those itty bitty strap buttons to the big flared kind. Also paint over the Gibson logo and claim you picked it out at some Chinese factory; also proof you know toan.
      Oh and get black speed knobs. Nothing looks cheaper than those gold hat knobs.
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        Originally posted by mbengs1 View Post
        sorry i couldn't resist
        for aesthetics just change what ever you like, you don't need our approval for this
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          That's a quality LP you got, you shouldn't have to "change out" anything on it.


          • mbengs1
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            but I think my les paul wants high output pickups. i can tell by how the guitar sounds acoustically. hot pickups will work great on it. i need more output for a les paul custom.

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          Cosmetic changes won't affect the tone and aesthetics are a personal choice. It would help if we knew what color the guitar was. Can you post a pic? Personally, I'd avoid a pearl pickguard except for a Strat or something similar. Most of the time upgrades take the form of electronics such as pots and capacitors but AFAIK that's not something you can do with active pickups. You could experiment with swapping out the tailpiece and bridge but IMHO that won't get you much improvement. Again, post a pic and I'll get back to you.
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          I've been playing the same Les Paul since 1982. The only thing I have done to it is put Schaller strap locks pins on it.

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            I really loke these strap locks.

            I usually buybthem as soon as I know the gu8tar is staying home.

          • Mikeo
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            Yeah I almost dumped my Les Paul more that once. They weigh a bit so they tend to hit the ground hard to.

            I should have them on all my Gibson Electrics, but I don't. One of the keys to the strap locks is when you put the U locks on the strap, make sure the open part of the U is facing up. I have had the strap locks come undone too.

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          What you need is a router and a Floyd rose tremolo.

          Not much else can help you improve its aesthetics beyond that.
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            25.5" scale neck
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              Originally posted by Ratae Corieltauvorum View Post
              25.5" scale neck
              that is Strat territory...


              • Davo-tpL_q
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                You mean tele territory.

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              My Les Paul (Studio) had the finish removed from the entire guitar during a broken headstock repair. It no longer has the Gibson logo or the Les Paul signature either.

              I believe it is a better sounding guitar without the finish and it doesn't look like much so I'm not afraid of scratching it up or somebody wanting to steal it - it's a real 'work' guitar.

              The only hardware change is a set of Grover high ratio tuning machines and some graph-tech bridge saddles. I also removed the pickguard.

              It still has the stock 490/498 pickup combination which work in every situation I find myself in.
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                I think you should have bought this instead.


                It seems to suit your aesthetic more closely.


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                On my 1971 Medallion Series Gibson Flying V, 2007 Epiphone LPC and 1974 Gibson LPC, I installed Schaller tailpiece with fine tuner ( like a Floyd Rose )and now I just reach over a few inches to fine tune while playing.
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                  Originally posted by humbuckerstrat View Post
                  That's a quality LP you got, you shouldn't have to "change out" anything on it.
                  What he said. You could send it to me and change ownership, couldnt help it man. I wouldn't change a thing dude