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  • NGD - Kramer edition!

    I acquired a new toy today. A 1986 Kramer Focus 1000 in sea foam green. Always wanted a single humbucker Kramer, and a guitar from the year I started playing. The thing is awesome.

    Pardon the mess, these are the seller's pics. I'll get some outdoor shots if the sun ever comes back.
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    I had a Kramer Custom Pacer II, that I bought new back in the mid 80's. I kept in killer shape for 20 years and sold it to some collector guy in Canada.

    My said it was made in Neptune NJ USA, but that was not the case.
    They made them in Japan and did some final assemble in NJ.

    I thin the was a law suit about that.
    Mine had Duncan pups, but some came with EMG's

    They play really nice so enjoy.
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      Awesome, Raven, looking forward to your pics. Never seen one like that!



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        Yeah, the Focus line was one of the Japanese made lines that ESP did for Kramer. Back in the day, circa 1993, I had a Kramer that I THINK was a Focus 3000. It was HSS, with a chrome Floyd, white pickguard and a black body. I traded for it thinking it was a "metal" guitar, but soon found out it was more like a Strat. I had no interest in Strats at that time, so I quickly traded it for something else I can't even remember now. Oh how I wish I'd kept that guitar. When I saw this Focus 1000, the color absolutely captivated me. I've recently become obsessed with seafoam green guitars thanks to my Jem SFG.


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          Happy New Guitar Day. I like the color too. Apart from the Floyd I also like the simplicity; one pickup and a volume control.
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            I have mid 1980's S, S, H ( slanted bridge p.u. ) American Series Kramer with a Floyd Rose with M.O.P. inlay with Kramer etched at the 12th fret.
            The guitar is phenomenal in the tone and sustain department.
            Back in the mid 1990's, Victor Litz Music ( in Gathersburg, Maryland ) was selling thousands of bodies, necks, neck plates, tuning keys and some rare custom painted bodies.. I bought a gutted Kramer Knight Swan, a red/ black, yellow / black crackle bodies and one halo flash body. They were selling between $ 35.00 to $ 50.00 a body, various necks sold for $ 40.00, until late 1998.
            Kramer's are awesome. I really hope you enjoy your new guitar !!!! .
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              Cool guitar