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saw mogwai yesterday

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  • saw mogwai yesterday

    first time ever i had to put some paperhankies into my ear, i saw them 3+ times before but they never felt that loud as yesterday.

    but man they did rock, full wall of sound, jaw dropping 2 hours

    later in november they will be in the u.s. so if you are bit into them and they are near you go and see them, oh and take your ear plugs with you

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    I've seen them twice before. First time (back in '99 or so), I wasn't too impressed. But the second time (2009-ish) was phenomenal.

    I had a frightening experience after a loud show some time ago and ended up investing in some custom fit earplugs as a result. I can't swear by them enough and ever since, my rule is that if there are live drums the earplugs go in.
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      Saw them in Austin.

      Soooooooo loud!

      But so good.