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Playing Guitar is Like Making Love

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  • Playing Guitar is Like Making Love

    -It takes a lifetime to know everything
    -a fine instrument improves with age
    - you don't need to be an expert to enjoy it
    - you can't just lock yourself in the bedroom to "practice"

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    I'm right handed.
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      If you play left handed, does it sound like someone else is playing?

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      I think that's after he sits on his hand until it goes numb

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    Keith was never one to hide the chemistry with the piano.
    an encore in Tokyo



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      Actually I should have more respect for the maestro. My dad was a fan and had vinyl of that stuff but it's long since vanished. Rubinstein reminds me of this guy.

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        I saw that ad so many times back in the day,but never noticed the kid wipe his nose with his finger before picking up a crackerjack.


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          I'll just put this here...

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          Use a wah pedal so you can fully express the cry-baby inside

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            Playing guitar is like making love. Sure you can do a solo act, but somehow the magic can happen when at least one other person is in the mix. Can take you places you've never been, rhythms can happen you've never considered, bends and pull offs that might seem pretentious if solo just somehow work. Just be sure to wipe down you axe when finished
            I was kicked out of music class for passing notes...
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              This actually dates back hundreds of years. Its always been known a guitar is shaped like a woman. You Know, Head, Neck Body? Those were all based on the instrument being a Female.

              Though the instrument has its roots in earlier stringed instruments like the Lute, The first Guitars are thought to have originated during the 15th Century in Spain. Many were also very ornate works of art, (again like the upper class women) sold to those who could afford them during the renaissance.


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                except for where they put teh soundhole...

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