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Fender's new American Professional Jazzmaster

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  • Fender's new American Professional Jazzmaster

    Nice guitar! Want the full scoop? Then check out my review...

    As usual, any questions and comments are welcomed. Feel free to discuss the guitar and your thoughts about it here too.

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    I bought the 2016 Thin Skin Reissue in Ocean Turquoise before this guitar came out. When these came out in the same finish, I wondered if I would have been better off with one of these, saving myself a chunk of change. I do like the option of the rhythm circuit, even if I don't use it a lot. It's nice to have for recording. Though I love maple boards on Strats and Teles, for whatever reason, I do prefer rosewood on my JM's. I also haven't heard great things about the pickups. I fully intended to swap out the pickups in mine for Curtis Novaks, but have so far held onto the '65 reissue pups that were stock. They're really nice.


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      My college roommate had a JazzMaster, an early 60's model. It was white with a rosewood fretboard and it's always been what I thought of when I thought JazzMaster. He's an awesome player and he got some great sounds out of his. Even though I'm not in the market I'm glad to see the JAzzMaster back.
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