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Favourite pickups for an SG?

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  • Favourite pickups for an SG?

    thinking about trying a different set of humbuckers in my SG faded

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    Gibson '57 Classics. I'm sure not gonna second guess Derek Trucks.


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      Seth Lovers
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        The only SG I owned was an 1965 Standard I bought used around 1974. It had its original PAF's which sounded killer. To my best recollection, It didn't have the full Vibrato, It had the harp piece but was non vibrato like the one in the second photo. I do remember the neck being huge, almost the size a 12 string neck. Not sure if it was a 25.5" scale either but I do remember it was a bastard to play with my hand size, but the tone from the pickups made it worth it.


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          PAF were long gone in 65 they must have been T tops.

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          Neither - from 1965 the pickups would have "Patent No. ...." sticker on them and they would be more similar to PAFs than T-tops. (And better sounding than T tops)

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        I have a '62 RI with Tim Shaws (I think) in it. If they're not Tim Shaws, then they're T-tops. Anywho, the bridge and middle sounds are my favorite humbucker sounds in the world right now.
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          For the neck, I loved the original one. Bridge, I went with a Duncan P-Rails, and loved it. But to me, the only reason to own an SG, is the neck position.
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            Originally posted by Grant Harding View Post
            Gibson '57 Classics. I'm sure not gonna second guess Derek Trucks.
            My suggestion too. Great all around pups.


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              T Tops .


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                I have a couple of SG. The standard I bought new in 1980. I'm not sure what it has in it for pickups, I have heard that have something called Tar Backs. I have also heard they were the 490 and 498. I really have no idea, but it sound good.

                It's been with me for 37 years.

                Note the out put jack in on the side, and it has the larger headstock.

                The classic has P90's
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                  Unfortunately my SG was modded when I got it [fugly, but functional]. It has a DiMarzio PAF at the neck and a DiMarzio Super Distortion at the bridge. It is a Norlin era, ~1971, and looks like it had soapbars originally. I'm not crazy about the Bridge SD p-up unless the tone is rolled off, but that DiM PAF is sweet and warm. An old friend has a '69 SG with P90s, and he wanted to change them out, until I demo'd them for him with a good tube amp [all he had was a little Gorilla SS practice amp], now he understands the P90 'gestalt'...
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                    Originally posted by Grant Harding View Post
                    Gibson '57 Classics. I'm sure not gonna second guess Derek Trucks.
                    That's what came stock in my 2013 SG Standard, and I've never felt the need to swap them out for anything else. I love 'em!

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                      Originally posted by Grant Harding View Post
                      Gibson '57 Classics. I'm sure not gonna second guess Derek Trucks.
                      This. Ridiculous tone.


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                        P-90s. Like my 'Classic.'
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                          Forgot about Fralin's P92s. Goldang do those things sound good... Makes the neck pickup way more useable for me than humbuckers, and the bridge just snarls!
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