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2016 rig, what are you playing?

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  • 2016 rig, what are you playing?

    Hi everyone, apologies if there is a thread like this already, but I had a look and couldn't find one. So I thought that I would get the ball rolling.

    With the band Seas, Starry I am playing an MJT Jazzmaster. It has a Creamery Wide Range humbucker in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan Antiquity II in the neck, plus a simplified circuit. Just a volume and a 3 way switch.

    My pedal board is relatively straight forward.

    BOSS TU2 > Sonuus Wahoo > Demeter Uberdriveulator > North Effects Violet Ram's Head Big Muff > Zvex Fuzzalo > Digitech Whammy 4 > off brand phaser > BOSS DD-6 > Diamond Quantum Leap > Caroline Guitar Company Meteore reverb

    My amp set up is a Bluguitar Amp 1 into an Orange 2x12.

    I am all about sparkly cleans and crushing fuzz tones, so this rig suits me perfectly. The Meteore is my latest addition and I am loving it, puts me in mind of the guitar tones on Grace by Jeff Buckley.

    Anyway, a couple of links which can show off the sounds.

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    ^ A college roommate had a Jazzmaster and I always liked it. That said, I'm not really a Fender guy. I'm in a praise band. My current electric is a Schecter Gryphon played through a Fender FM65R. Love the guitar but I want to replace the amp. My main guitar is an Ibanez AW120 acoustic plugged into the PA at church.
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      2 Fender Pro Juniors. a old ART Multi Verb and a Jackson Custom Soloist . Hold its own for Small to Mid Gigs with out Mic .


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        Things with me are generally pretty straight forward Guitar of choice>Belcat Chorus>Duncan Lava Box>DeArmond vol pedal>Nux Time Core delay>Roland BC 60.

        lately though, I have been playing with... Guitar> Boss GT6>Left channel Roland BC60, Right, Carvin SX100. Having a lot of fun with this, but don't kow if this will be my main setup.
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        Some of my guitars: 64 or so Domino Beatle bass; 73 Ibanez 2398; 79 Epiphone Genesis; 79 Manoman; 99 Ric 330; 78 Gibson L6S; 95 Ibanez JS-700; 04 Samick Lasalle JZ3: 05 Ibanez AS73; 81 Paul Custom, 07 Gary Kramer Simulator T and about 50 others.


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          It's kind of funny how far my rig has come since I started playing. There is an entire generation of players like me who started out with Line 6 modelling amps. I also had some basic Boss pedals and a Visual Sound H20, and I would spend so much time blending all of these effects and amp models together for my strange experimental music. The built in effects were rubbish for their intended purpose, but they worked in my favor because I never used them like that. I layered all of my pedals and reverbs to see what would happen.

          Now, I have an all tube Marshall JMD-1, which is a discontinued modelling head, and only one on board analog pedal. My Earthquaker Devices Hoof Reaper is my go-to fuzz and overdrive. I have a Digitech RP-150 set up for basic chorus, pitch effects, and delays on the first twenty channels. The rest are amp sims and effects for recording directly into my laptop. It's a lot different from my early days, especially since I'm playing around with more traditional styles like Blues, Country, Folk, and Jazz.


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            Tele (of some version or another, usually heavily modded or pieced-together by myself), into a very simple pedalboard - a couple boost/distortions (currently a bad monkey and an EH Soul Food), a delay (set for slapback, and only used sparingly w/ the twangabilly project), and a tuner. Then to my tweaked deluxe. Basically a 5E3 clone chassis, modded so I can run 5881 tubes (but I'm running 6V6s now) in a custom combo cab with a vintage JBL 15"


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              Fender stratocaster Highway one w/JB HBucker,or Gibson LP Studio w JB/Jazz HBs, thru Boss ME50 Fx to Laney TT100 amp(for Practice)(Marshall DSL100 head w Laney 4x12 cab Live)
              2014 Fender Stratocaster deluxe
              04 Fender US Highway1 Strat
              96 Gibson LP Studio
              96 Fender Jagstang
              85 Fender strat japanese
              Fender Hellcat acoustic/elec Tim Armstrong
              Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 head
              Blackheart Handsome Devil 7/15 watt head
              Laney TT100 2x12 combo amp
              Laney 4x12 Cab.w/Celestion75s
              Vox Valvetronix AD30VT
              Fender mustang2 amp
              Boss ME50
              Tone Bake OD(modded BD2)
              ibanez TS9 od
              fulltone gt500 od/dist
              Donner mini wah
              boss bf2 flanger
              MABattio delay
              Boss GE7 EQ


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                Lately I've been playing a Warmoth Tele with Kinman pickups through a Boss ME-25 for practice and recording. For the last few gigs I've run the ME-25 into the stereo effects return of a Fender Mustang IV and I'm quite pleased with the results.
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                  ive not been playing electric much in the way of gigs for a while, mostly sit and play the 69 gold top through a 1956 gibson lancer... replaced the original speaker with one from a fender twin... the only mod on the les paul is stainless frets...
                  Originally posted by isaac42;n32240445

                  Voltan is correct.


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                    I play a lot of different things. Here is what I'm working with right now. Not into new guitars, I tend to stick to the oldies.


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                      I'm mostly recording these days, and not doing a ton of gigging, though that's likely to change later in 2016, as a new band I just got involved with is ramping up to do so. My offset guitars have been getting a lot of love from me lately. My Hamer Special is also a regular.
                      '66 Mustang -

                      '82 G&L SC-3 -

                      '92 Hamer Special -

                      The pedalboard is ever-changing. This is the most recent pic I have I think. The current chain is Pitchblack > ZVex Fuzz Factory > modded BD-2 > RAT2 > EQD Hoof Reaper > Phase 90 (script) > TC Shaker > SupaTrem > DM-3 > Akai Headrush E2 > TC HOF > MXR Micro Amp. I use the SansAmp for in-ear monitoring. The amp is the main one I use for live stuff - a Valvetech Hayseed 30.


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                        Amps: PRS Archon (100 watt) w/ matching 2 X12 cabinet.
                        Guitars: PRS Custom 24 (Grey/Black) & CGS Custom Built Brent Mason Tele
                        Effects: Hartman Flanger, Retrosonic Chorus, DryBell Vibe Machine, Hardwire Delay & Reverb, Hermida Zendrive, Wah
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                          If I'm playing out it's this Epiphone Masterbilt AJ500m

                          At home it's usually this Fender Princeton Chouus (clean channel) and my upgraded Squier Affinity Tele. No pedals ,just plug and play

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                            Although I've played in a lot of rock bands and used a more traditional set up, I'm currently in a group that does ambient music and I'm using a Fender "Roland-ready" Strat with a Roland GR-33 guitar synth and Roland VG-99 for amp modeling and effects. I'm running in stereo direct to the board rather than using amps.


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                              Gibson satin studio, super d and paf, modded dsl40c with eminence governor and some cap swaps n stuff.
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                              Marshall Amps
                              Gibson guitars
                              Lava cable