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  • Instrumental Music and Sound on is running a clearance on Hoyer guitars. Frets99 won one of these years ago and spoke very highly of them. These are neck through, MIK instruments. They were designed by Hoyer Guitars in Germany.

    Prices from $289.99 - $399.99


    • I'm rarely on here too. Not so much because of the format changing but I'm not playing guitar as much. I happened to stumble across those last two Gibson on Amazon. Both were swooped up so somebody got them. Maybe a lurker?


      • In my late teens, I lived in Germany. I owned a couple of Hoyer acoustics, late 60-ish. The made-in Germany models were nice guitars. Dunno where they’re made now.

        But I acquired an appreciation for Hoyer 6-strings and EKO 12ers.
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        • This is the lowest advertised price I've seen so far on the Moog Minifooger Analog Delay. Of the series, this pedal seems to get the most accolades.

          Currently $99.99. Previous sales prices IIRC, were closer to $130-something,i.e. closer to $140. + 3 year 0% financing.

          I ordered one. Maybe I'll wander back with a review, but for now, this website demo and link should do. Also, check out the review/endorsement by Rob Chappers.

          Click image for larger version

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          A '57 Classic, MIJ from USA parts.
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          • Here's a couple of things that were brought to my attention. (Thanks PK)

            Gretsch G2655T Streamliner Double Cut Electric Guitar w/ Bigsby B50 Vibrato Tailpiece $320 + free s/h

            Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar (Brown Sunburst) - $400

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