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    Originally posted by MorganB View Post
    229 For the 1960 Bugera Head is sweet( Marshall Plexi Clone ) I wonder if they will ship...looks like they are closing them out.
    It's the older version before they added the Infinium, PPIMV, and Randy Rhoads cascade mod. It's basically a straight-up Marshall 1959 circuit.
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      Originally posted by papaschtroumpf View Post
      Musicians friend has the ES339 Pro for $299 (black only). A great price for a great guitar. P90s.
      They've gone back up to $399, but the Natural and Vintage Sunburst are on sale for $329 with free shipping, which is still a great deal for those guitars.

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        How many more guitars do you need? Just one more.


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          Akai Professional E2 Headrush Delay/Looper Pedal $89!!!


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            Originally posted by sasjf View Post
            Akai Professional E2 Headrush Delay/Looper Pedal $89!!!


            or $69.00 from this ebay store, also new in box:


            You wonder if they're getting to replacement or phasing it out.


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              $69 is quite a deal. Mostly good reviews but there are some who experienced issues with loops dropping out. I'm going to gamble on one. The multiple tape head outputs is a killer feature.

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            I bought a Head Rush a few years ago. It is really cool delay pedal to mess with and definitely worth the price in either of those deals. You can hook it up to like 5 different amps.

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              Matte black version - $130
              How many more guitars do you need? Just one more.


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                The Bugera 333 is $249 at MF



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                  The deals are so few and far between, I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this...

                  Black Label Society: Unblackened Blu-Ray $3.99 @ Amazon


                  I've been watching this for many months, waiting for it to drop from $13. It finally did! Backordered currently. Get your order in before the price goes back up!
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                    This long time without deals seems like collusion to me. Sounds like they want to keep their product, so we keep our money. Ok.
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                      The Akai E2 Headrush can be had for $65 in this eBay store

                      And apparently they accepted "Offers" before, so probably can be had for $60 or so.
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                        15% off effects at Prymaxe with code: PEDAL15
                        How many more guitars do you need? Just one more.


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                          Calling this a "Great Deal" might be a dubious qualification, but I bit on one.

                          SDOTD @ MF:

                          Regular $160 on sale for $80.

                          I watched video by the Chappers and The Captain and this one seemed to be their (mostly Chappers') favorite out of this line (which obviously isn't selling all that well - and not including the Delay since they didn't have one yet for their demo). But Rob liked it and said he thought it was somewhat similar to the Boss Metal pedal (which he said he liked a bit more).

                          But for $79.99, with a glow in the dark tubey thing in there, that runs 200 volts (enough to make the tube really work) it might be fun for some. Plus you could swap tubes for different tones.

                          Here's that video. They finally get to this pedal at around 11:19. You can see that Rob is tickled by the pedal, but The Captain is still blase' about this entire line. I think it's cute

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                          Well Dick, it's got a good beat, and I could dance to it, so I give it a 10!
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                            Great Small SS amp Rocktron 15W $80.
                            Logo lights up like Matchless/Badcat

                            Best Buy in small tube amp Blackstar HT1MC 190.

                            I have had the Blackstar HT1 and many other small tube amps I think this is the Best Buy ,sparkling clean, emulated out, Reverb and high gain as good as it gets, sounds great through a 112 Celestion cabinet so could probably benefit from the best 8" speaker you can put in it. A keeper.


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                              Here's a good deal on a personal PA