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So I played a Vox Heritage AC15 yesterday..

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    You can somewhat customize if you talk to Nik about it. There are some limitations (the plates and chassis are specific to those models he has), but you can usually find ways to make it work.
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    Originally Posted by Mike Fiasco

    I've been to the country. What country needs is meth head songs. That's something the country kids can all relate to.


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      He'll be an expert on amps soon

      He's certainly paying the tuition...
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        I just bought one today ... probably shouldn't have but I knew some guy who had one of the limited edition mahogany cabinet AC15 and I found a minty one on ebay for $1200 shipped. That seems like a lot but man, something about that mahogany cab really makes it a nice sounding map.

        I actually have the AC30 mahogany dealy too, so I guess a pair of them will be nice.