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What pickguard would look good on this tele?

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    Quote:Originally Posted by jkay  With a sunburst guitar, you can go with black AND THAT'S THE ULTIMATE.
    I can live with that! Although it's a very tough call between black and tortoise. Black does give it that nasty, dangerous edge!


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      I get the impression that tort lovers are in the minority here, but that's the way I'd go if it were mine. Tortoise on white, black and some natural tones look great to me, particularly with maple fret boards.
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        try something leopardskin.

        or translucent smoke plexi?

        Or :
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          Tort!! It has to be!
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            Recently put a tort guard on my '83 butterscotch in place of the black one. Kinda like it for now - Might put the black back on, might not...


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              Maybe? ....
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                Yeah, I'd say either mint or anodized gold.

                Or... maybe one of those guards made of wood. Something with nice grain, but not too figured.

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                  Maybe? ....


                  I vote Mint then Tort.
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                    Maybe? ....

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                      Black or nothing
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                        Has anyone done stuff like this with their pick guards? I have been thinking about doing a single color of the Splatter Style with one of mine.

                        Feet might be cool too if their little ones.
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                          Black just doesn't seem to fit on a white Fender for some reason. Maybe because they never put black guards on white guitars...until now.

                          Some of those specialty guards you folks posted are cool, but I'm gonna stop short of the American flag. Also, the tooled leather is ok, if you're Waylon Jennings, which I'm not.

                          I'll keep looking at your responses. Some cool ideas. There's also a mirrored version and this black pearloid:

                          Then, there's this engraved El Dorado for $279!

                          or paisley:

                          But the black just doesn't look natural to me.


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                            Another idea that I like is to buy a clear pickguard. Then glue some fancy Japanese or Indian paper to the bottom. Paisley would be cool.

                            ...That sounded very artsy crafty, didn't it

                            I would say, just play it. I always dull me black pickguards with some fine steel wool which gives them a nice look.
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                              Can I get a quick review of that Tele? Im in the market for one right now, and am considering a American Special, Highway one or maybe a Roadworn.

                              Oh yeah, put a gold pickguard on that.
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                                Stock or this

                                in black. The pickguard was the only non leather covered part on the body of Waylon's tele.
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