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Guys who change guitars after every song

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    I switch between a Strat and an SG for an obvious tonal difference, for occasional tuning differences, and because my SG handles tapping a lot better. It just throws off the mix of a lot of our originals for me to use the Strat where I play the SG and vice versa (I've tried).

    I imagine a lot of people swap constantly to get fresh tuning, but there are some (like myself) who do so for a good reason.
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      I've used as many as 9 or 10 guitars in a 3 hour gig.
      I bought 'em, I'll use 'em.
      Live music can be visual entertainment also.

      I did wear the same pants through the whole show.

      Switch it up a little. Next gig, I want you to play ONE guitar, but change your pants 9 or 10 times. Do it on stage if you're feeling saucy. You want to generate some buzzz for your band? That just might do it.
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        I love guitars.


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          I remember seeing Cavalera Conspiracy a while ago and Max had the same guitar throughout...but he changed shirts like after every song. I figured it wuz just an excuse to go snort a line before the next song
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          Don't get me started.......

          Axl Rose?.....I've taken wet ****************s more musical than him.


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            I actually don't care one way or the other. I'll be seeing Wilco tonight and between Jeff Tweedy and Nels Cline expect to see at least 35 guitar changes.

            But on the flip side last time I saw Cake I was quite surprised to see that the guitarist had one guitar on stage, a 3 PUP Gibson LP (w/ Bigsby), which he used for the entire set.


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              I actually don't care one way or the other. I'll be seeing Wilco tonight and between Jeff Tweedy and Nels Cline expect to see at least 35 guitar changes.

              Last time I saw Wilco, Jeff changed guitars every song. Pretty nice if you like seeing a lot of classic SG's. Nils, on the other hand did the whole 3 hour concert with three guitars and one lap steel.

              Elvis Costello changes it up a lot too, but he has a lot of variety in his guitar tone. You can tell that Elvis does the guitar changes as quickly as possible to keep the music going.


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                I enjoy seeing the different guitars. If they are customs it's even better, it is a 'show' and all. Weird sometimes what bugs people.
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                  At the O2 show back in Feb, Messrs Clapton & Beck both had spare guitars sidestage, but they were identical copies (three backups apiece!), presumably present in case of string breakage or radical involuntary detuning. The only axe changes per se were when EC did his first few numbers on his Martin acoustic, and JB played the first song of their jam on a Tele tuned to open E.

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                  everyone has different gear and stuff like this tends to be quite subjective.

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                  Gentlemen, I wash my hands of this weirdness.

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                    Who cares?

                    I love seeing a lot of different guitars and if they want to change after each song I think that it's cool.

                    If someone likes to play just one guitar for the whole set than I think that's cool.
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                      I always get jealous of those guys. I probably wouldnt use any more than two guitars during a set. Ideally it would be one guitar.

                      I think Mike Mcready from Pearl Jam might be the best at this, always changing guitars. John Mayer is guilty as well.


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                        I do get a little self conscious changing guitars, but there's usually a reason. I'm playing bass in my current band and I prefer a Precision or Jazz on flats for most things, but some things need the punch of an active bass with rounds. Other tunes need a 5 string, and some songs sound extra badass with an 8-string. I usually try to keep it to no more than 3-4 basses (plus a spare kept in it's case) at gigs, so I don't look like a goober. If I could play the whole gig on one bass, I probably would.


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                          Don't even get me started on ridiculous walls of amps. Here's a photo of Slayer's live setup. This is the backline for a guitarist (Kerry King) who doesn't even know how to play guitar!!! He thinks sloppy chromatic scales and divebombing the whammy in the wrong key = solo.



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                            After going to see Mark Knopfler a couple of years ago, I have to say that if I had a (guitar) rack like that, I'd take every opportunity to show it off and rub it in everybody's face, too. oke:

                            gonna see him in May...woot! He can use as many guitars as he wants.


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                              I personally love my Les Paul and my Strat and that's it. I really connect with those two guitars. But I always liked watching Jimmy Vivino from the Max Weinberg 7 use a different, SWEET, vintage or custom guitar every night. He's a killer player so he can do what wants.
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                                gonna see him in May...woot! He can use as many guitars as he wants.

                                Lucky. I just realized I haven't gotten tickets yet... and naturally, the only way I'm gonna see him this tour is if I drive 2+ hours to Connecticut to get a ****************ty seat.

                                And he's a great example of someone who switches guitars because the other one simply won't cut it. He can't play Brothers in Arms or Song for Sonny Liston on a Strat. He just can't.
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