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Best guitar lessons on youtube?

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  • Best guitar lessons on youtube?

    I was just wondering which guys on youtube give the best lessons. I did a search and found so many, I don't know where to start. I'm mainly looking for blues and classic rock lessons.

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    Free, lots of free great lessons, blues, classic and new rock. And, Justin's great teacher too.


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      IMO Justin comes out top, because as well as being a good teacher, he's well organised, his lessons are joined up and he understands music and the guitar.

      The fact that he's a really nice guy with good communication skills doesn't hurt either

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    I'll second justinguitar- he's an awesome resource. (The forums there are better for noobies as well)

    Two others that have been useful:

    David Hodge's "Easy Songs for Guitar" series at
    Depending on your level he has more advanced stuff as well
    Spytunes has some very nice video work to show both hands at once.
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      Here is another good one.
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        this is instructional vids on the web--he's got vids on YouTube, too

        learn to play guitar


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          look up dave weiner's lessons on youtube.


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            Justin is a great one for sure.

            Also Mark Wein (member here) has excellent lessons I highly recommend.


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              no mention of blackhathunter/mojo from here? he doesn't come around much anymore, but his videos are great and he has some gorgeous guitars.


              and totally@mark. great videos and an awesome guy, even if he lives in orange county.

              **edit - ok, just noticed mojo WAS mentioned. nevermind!
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                No offense man but I really think it's pretty simple to find this yourself. It is all depending on your individual needs. Which you know best.

                For example if you want to learn SRV style, there is a great guy on there for that style. Searching for that is easy.

                If you want general lessons, yeah that's harder to find I guess. A bit of trial and error but generally I don't think it's good using one site for anything.

                If you want to practice scales, search for scales. If you want to practice strumming search for strumming. Everyone's strength and weaknesses are in different areas. Learn from the best in each chosen field. Rather then learning it all from one place. Let your ears be the judge if the lesson is good or not.

                Nextlevelguitar for example, has a good overall blend of all aspects of guitar. However, learning SRV style from them would be bad. Where as learning SRV style from that other guy would be great.

                It takes time, but that's a part of the fun. It also helps your ear weed out what you like, what sounds good, what works and what doesn't etc etc. And then you can apply that ear stuff to your own playing.

                Two things with good guitar players.. it's all in the hands, and the devil is in the details. So lookout for those things when you are judging if you want to learn from this player or not.

                I guy who specialises in funk will have a specific attack with his hands, that can't be matched by someone who only plays occasional funk. That's the guy you want to be learning funk from.


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                  i believe he was asking for an answer without someone being an ****************************.


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                    I like Marty Schwartz:




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                        i believe he was asking for an answer without someone being an ****************************.

                        Eh, maybe someone could spoon feed him the guitar skillz through the internet, and he wouldn't even need to learn. He could go straight to being a pro already. Heck, when even play? Just hold the guitar and close your eyes while listening to the CD.

                        My point was... this sort of stuff is all part of the natural evolution of being a guitar player. And deciding the type of guitar player you want to be. Sooner this is learned the better, because unlearning bad habits is very difficult (or impossible for some).

                        You have to be self critical to improve, but you also need to be critical of the people you are learning from. It just takes time to develop it.

                        Maybe I'm being an **************************** or maybe I've been the most honest helpful person in the thread, I don't know.. but I tried.


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                          Maybe I'm being an **************************** or maybe I've been the most honest helpful person in the thread, I don't know.. but I tried.

                          No, you're just being a douche. The purpose of a forum is open discussion. What's the point of having a forum at all if everything out there is already known and all decisions are absolute? Why talk about guitars? Let's all just shut up and buy the guitars we want without consulting our peers for their experience? Why not just shut the HC forum down and just have people Google for all guitar related information?


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                            (^^^ive always wanted to do that)
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