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New HEDDA song. I used my Edwards LP Custom, Diodati LP, and Carvin V3 amp.

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  • New HEDDA song. I used my Edwards LP Custom, Diodati LP, and Carvin V3 amp.

    Here's the latest HEDDA song "See the light".

    Play it loud and let me know what you think.

    Gear I used.

    Diodati LP with Carvin H22n/C22b pickups.
    (ESP) Edwards LP Custom with Duncan Distortions.

    Carvin V3 with matching vintage 30 cab.
    Marshall JCM900 with cab. (Studios. Didn't have the X100B yet.)
    V series amps (by Crate) 1512.

    Dirty rhythms were the
    Diodati through the V3. Main amp.
    Edwards through the JCM900. For doubling.

    Cleans were the
    Diodati through the V3. main
    Edwards through the V series. double.

    Main lead is the Edwards through the V3.
    Intro lead is the Diodati through the V3.

    You can stream it at

    my SoundClick page
    My CrapSpace. (really really wish they would go back to the old format)

    It will be available for download sometime this week at our HEDDA website.

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    And seriously let me know if we're moving in the right direction with production.
    Especially those that have listened to the previous EP material.


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      Nice dude! That sounds great! Very grandiose metal. I think the production sounds great too. All the instruments are coming through clearly on my crap computer speakers...very clear recording.

      And respect for the V1512...I have one too and love it.


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        Thanks, soundcreation.

        I agree, the Crate tube amps don't get the respect they should.
        People just dismiss them because of the Crate name.
        They are actually killer sounding little amps.


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          Tight! Great axe to see a pic of the Diodati, can't say I have ever heard of them.
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            Thanks, Rich.

            Diodati 59Q, Edwards Sykes LPC, Diodati 58, Fernandes Ravelle Deluxe.

            Diodati were made in Japan.
            Same factory as Tokai, I believe.
            But, were sold here in the States by a store in New Hampshire called Pete's Trading Post.
            Pete Diodati was the owner of the store.
            He only had them made for about 3 years.