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  • I haven't posted in a while. Here are a few new pictures and a couple old ones too.

    Sadly, I'm going to have to let the Hellraiser go. I love all my schecters but I need to thin the heard again. I'm too attached to the other too. The Hellraiser is a Hell of a guitar though (pun intended). I'm gonna miss her.
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    • [QUOTE=Mazi Bee;12562224]A few people here have em. Here's mine, 2003 Model in Vintage Natural Gloss with JB/59 and the original 2 vol/1 tone setup.

      Hey man. I got a question about your Schecter. I've been saving up for one for almost a year now, and then I saw your 2003 Vintage Natural Gloss finish. I tried to fin:lol it over the internet but couldn't. Where did you get yours and do you think they still sell them?


      • This thread needs more Hollowbody action, there has to be a Corsair around here somewhere, that thing is pure beauty
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        • Got mine for a trade and 28.85 shipping and it's a great guitar that sounds great, plays great, stays in tune and looks amazing. Best looking guitar I own including my PRS Custom 24 Top 10.

          Finally learning to enjoy something besides metal......and it Hurts!


          • As of yesterday at 70 P.M... I'm in!

            A good deal with nbabmf ------------------------------------------------------Schecter C-1 + w/ Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz - Dunlop Crybaby Wah - Digitech RP1000 - Marshall DSL 100 w/ 2x12 Celestion GT-100
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            Originally Posted by jjpistols

            this thread is metal as **************** - when I opened it, all the magnets jumped off my refrigerator and stuck themselves to the monitor


            • My Blackjack C-1 is now my main gigging guitar. Very versatile.


              • I have the C-1 Classic and love it. There's a lot more classic fans here than I thought! When I sent in my warranty card I suggested they come out with a regular trem on this model. I sure hope so. I'd be on that like white on rice.

                Probably the best sounding guitar I have out of thirteen.
                "Bend it til it sounds right!"


                • My name is Lon and I own a Schecter BlackJack. Just like the one 2 posts above. I go through LOTS of gear as a buyer/seller/trader (nearly 300 guitars in 10 years). My keepers are this and a Squier 51 that's been modded beyond recognition.
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                  • I love my [COLOR="sandybrown"]Schecter C-1 Classic

                    And now I just ordered one of these

                    Can't Wait!
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                    • The only Les Paul style guitar I have been able to keep...
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                      • I'd love to join the Schecter society, but I don't have a shectdr guitar.... Yet.....

                        Anyone got a Schecter C1 E/A they'd be willing to sell me??


                        • C-1 Classic!

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                          • Corsair:

                            Hold mah beer an' watch this!


                            • Seriously though, anyone got a Schecter C1 E/A semi-hollow they could sell me?


                              • 2011? Damn people.

                                I'm in with:

                                "These riffs were built to last a life time". Keith Richards

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