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Will my guitar ever come? Gibson via Sweetwater

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  • Will my guitar ever come? Gibson via Sweetwater

    I ordered a Gibson Classic Custom from Sweetwater going on 3 months ago, come Wednesday.

    I was supposed to get the "first one," that comes in May 1st, then May 31st, now, June 13th.

    WTF, I don't know who to blame, Gibson or Sweetwater.

    Is Sweetwater passing my guitar off to preferred customers, do they just assume every shipment from Gibson will have all the guitars they need in it, or is Gibson just not sending them the guitars as ordered?

    I've been waiting patiently for my NGD, but 6 weeks longer then expected with no real faith that it will even come then.

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    Call them and see what's up.


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      Nothing ever "gets done" on time. Rarely anyway. I would bug them for a legitimate answer and if they give you a date, ask for some guarantee on that date (call their bluff).
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        Black says "In Stock"

        Red Says "Limited Quantities"

        White and Natural Says "ariving soon"


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          Black says "In Stock"

          Red Says "Limited Quantities"

          White and Natural Says "ariving soon"

          Yeah, that's how it was when I ordered. When I placed the order, I was told that half of the ones due the first of May were spoken for, but I'd get one of them. Then of course, I was like WTF? "Oh, we didn't get as many as expected, the rest will be in May 31st, and you'll get the first one." Now, I'm like WTF again, "Sorry, for the delay, you'll get the first one in on June 13th.


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            Please keep us posted.

            I'm going to order a black one soon.

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              Without knowing for sure, and having dealt with Gibson and Sweetwater directly on different ocasions, I'd guess any screw up would be on Gibson's end. Having said that, just call Sweetwater.
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                I have faith in SWS. Not so much Gibson. But, better "right" than " right now".
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                  Hope you get your guitar soon, man! The red one is quite drool-worthy. Which color did you get?
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                    If you can find them somewhere else, cancel the order and buy somewhere else.


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                      Now they are saying the end of June.


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                        So, you want a White or Natural one?

                        Five will get you 10 they haven't shipped from Gibson yet.

                        They won't all sell out from every dealer right away, if no one has them in stock...they haven't shipped. If they are in stock elsewhere, buy it and cancel the Sweetwater order.


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                          if guitar is out of stock, its not Sweetwater fault. I had a guitar on b/o from MF for 4 months. it finally did arrive. try and get something free from them for the delay.
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                            I want a white one,(although, I want a natural one too ) Musician's Friend site is showing them in stock. I've had nothing but bad experiences with them, plus I have to pay sales tax.