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Carvin and crappy electronics?

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  • Carvin and crappy electronics?

    I'm saving for a Carvin-built guitar, but I'm concerned about the electronics. I was reading on another forum that the guitars are great but electronics they put in them aren't. That' s a big concern for me. Thoughts?
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    I like mine...

    don't really know what they put in it but it sounds good to me.


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      Haven't heard that before.

      I would'nt be concerned.


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        I've heard that for years but I've never upgraded any of the half dozen Carvins I've had, and I've actually used 3-4 of their loaded AP-11 loaded Strat guards on other partscasters.
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          They use dime sized pots but they work the same. The passive stuff on the Bolts work fine. I don't care for the active tone or the neck thrus for that matter. Is that what they are referring to?
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            Mine sounds as good as any other high end guitar. No worries
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              Most of mine sound good, I've only bought one of my Carvin's new, and some of the others electronics have been switched out so I can't comment on those. But the guitar I did buy new(Strat) has very good tone to it, its a HSS.
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                compared to what? Gibson or Fender? LOL...


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                  There's no quality issue, but some people don't like the tone of Carvin stock pups.


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                    I'm not sure about now, but in '02 they used those cheap enclosed box type les paul 3way switches. That and their small pots seem to be the biggest complaints. I replaced my pickup selector with a true gibson switch and no problems for ten years. The pots are still fine too.

                    Their mini switches are good

                    Next is the active units shorting out or not functioning.

                    Carvin pickups are love/hate with most. I like the h22s the best.

                    Let's compare to gibson.

                    300k pots?

                    Stock (490 and 500 series) get more hate than love.

                    Not much different.
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                      Their pickups are pretty meh but most of the time its the customer service that gets slammed, i know my bass player didnt have much luck with them.

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                        I've owned two Carvins and the electronics in both of them worked just fine. I have heard reports of the active modules on the DC models having problems though. My CT4 is a pretty traditional setup. If something goes south, I can fix it easily, just like with any other guitar.


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                          I bought my Carvin H2 used: it's a great guitar but the pickups did nothing for me (it was the baseball bat neck that got my interest. That and the cheap price). Once I installed Rio Grandes, the guitar really woke up. It's one of my favourites.
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                            Carvin's come a ways on pickups...the older ones weren't bad, but they've redesigned pickups and released new standard pickups over the last 5-8 years. It might be a matter of taste, but I definitely wouldn't expect them to be bad.

                            And all of the Carvins I've seen have seen/owned had fantastic fit and finish.


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                              I think their pickups are awesome. But...Im not huge fan of their pots and switches.
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