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Gibson Doubleneck - differences

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  • Gibson Doubleneck - differences

    Does anyone know the specific differences between a mid-1970's ES-1275 (Jimmy Page style) Doubleneck, an early 1990's non Custom Shop and 2000s Custom Shop. Are they really the identical guitar or are the necks or anything else different? I assume the newer one has burstbuckers as opposed to prior Gibson humbuckers.

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    I know that the mid-70's EDS-1275 doubleneck production models have the compact (non-elongated) 12 string headstock, such as displayed on Alex Lifeson and Don Felder's specimens. The latter two era models have the elongated 12 string headstock like Page's(whose was custom ordered).

    The compact 12 string headstocks have mini-Grover rotomatics and the elongated 12 string headstocks have the large kluson or full size grovers depending on differing cases.

    On a different era, the late 50's, the EDS-1275,and EMS-1275 was a fully hollowbody instrument with an arched spruce top! Santana has one. Also offered with a mandolin and the extremely rare short scale soprano guitar model in place of the 12 string. This link shows them:


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      The 60's EDS1275 necks had a slight angel away from each other & longer 12 headstock. I wish they (Gibson ) would have taken many people advise and made the necks 22 frets rather than 20 frets.


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        Thanks! You're right about Lifeson's with the shortened headstock. I never would have noticed. Is there any really difference between the custom shop and pre-custom shop DOUBLENECKS or is it just a marketing thing with Gibson since DOUBLENECKS are not typical production guitars?


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          All doubleneck in 50-early 70's were Custom shop . They weren't production models until the mid late 70's. They come and go out of production since then I'l say there isn't much difference between the Page model and the production model except for no pickup coves on the 6 sting neck and the writting on the back of the headstock.Yes the string holder are set back a few inches further but that how they were on the older (60's) models.


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            Cool. Thanks again.