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Your #1 Guitar......LET'S SEE IT !

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  • Your #1 Guitar......LET'S SEE IT !

    "Crossroads Guitar Shop" Telecaster:

    PLEK'ed Fretboard.

    Sperzels Tuners.

    Duncan Pickups.

    Fender Bridge.

    "Brent Mason" Control Plate.'s the **************** !
    "I don't flatten my 5th's..........I drink em !"
    "The Mighty Telecaster: The "Polygraph" Of Electric Guitars!"

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    Suhr set neck modern - alder body, maple cap, roasted maple neck, Indian RW fretboard, stainless steel jumbo frets, gotoh trem, Suhr SSV/ML/SSH+ picups. Tone is fat and clear. I've had several #1's over the years, but this is truly my dream guitar:

    Multiple award winning blues/rock/country at or my solo (instrumental rock) projects at:"Music is like the English language - it's just full of rules that need to be broken or you aren't hip.""It doesn't take talent to upgrade your playing. It takes patience" - Kenny Werner


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      Still the Ruokangas:


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        This one without a doubt. Suhr Pro Series S4, basswood body, maple top, Gotoh vibrato, two ML pickups and a SSH+ in the bridge. Plays and sounds incredible to me.

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        You're the British SAS of Metal.

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        You're a man of refined taste and strong opinions.

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        Mosiddiqi is a prick, btw.

        Some Tunes:


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          Red ply body partscaster. They come and they go, but this one never leaves.

          I one day hope to be the man my dog thinks I am.WORDS OF WISDOM FROM VARIOUS MEMBERS"most often the guitar will rise or fall to the level of the player""people overthink ****************""Sometimes you gotta know when to shut the **************** up and have a little class. Not you, you're special.""If it sounds good to you then it sounds good"The bull**************** and myths in the guitar world are stacked very high.


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            IMG_2417 by MorganB, on Flickr


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              Prs starla

              strat strat tele PRS agile gretsch martin

              WINNER HCAF BEST RACK RIG 2012!!!!!!!

              fender blues deluxe > whitebox 212

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                PRS Standard 22. Comfy, versatile, sounds great. Still don't like the rotary switch, though. Rescued from a local pawn about a year and a half ago for stupid (low) $.

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                    Right now, it's my SX Strat, it's very stratty, IE: very clangy and reverb-y. Plus, it taps the best out of all of my guitars. Has anyone noticed that some guitars "tap" better than others? On this guitar, taps really ring out. I'm very much into tapping now, so that's why it's my Numero Uno right now.

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                      The ugly SOB on the left.

                      Originally Posted by customtele

                      And I hate it when my G string goes up my ass.


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                        The Strat on the left of course!

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                          Custom Wired Strat Pickguard Assemblies - PM me to discuss specs & pricing

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                            I love the neck on this thing! I had to put it away so I would play my others...

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                            15' Ibanez JEM Jr.
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                              My Strat's become my #1:

                              American Special Stratocaster, Yamaha SA-503 TVL, Telecaster, Partscaster, Peavey Classic 30