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  • My Warmoth

    My gear:
    AXL Badwater SRO Pro
    2001 Brawley Threat LTD
    Warmoth Superstrat
    JB Player neck-thru project currently in progress

    Yamaha THR10


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      That's hot - definitely one of my favorites.
      Multiple award winning blues/rock/country at or my solo (instrumental rock) projects at:"Music is like the English language - it's just full of rules that need to be broken or you aren't hip.""It doesn't take talent to upgrade your playing. It takes patience" - Kenny Werner


      • This one dosn't get played much, nothin fancy, but it's the one I'd keep.

        As well built and as versatile a guitar for any genre as any made.

        Plus I've had it since new and its sentimental to me.


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          • Take a guess.



            number one



            It's the Parkwood H2 (black guitar). It's a hybrid electric/fishman pickup and I use it extensively for my worship group. I also double on tenor sax so a hybrid is necessary to lighten my gear load. People in church aren't gear snobs and they don't give a hoot if I play my hybrid or my Taylor 314CE.

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            member of the sg army

            in rock n roll alliance with the mazi bee militia


            • Here's my #1 on the day she was born (she's a partscaster) : Black\_Strat\_finished\_4.jpg

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              My band "The Executives" website :


              • aliensporebomb
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                I'm awfully partial to this:

                Heartfield EX-2


                Hard to kick this out of the stable either:


                Ibanez AR300

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