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Come on folks ... change is good! Isn't it?

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  • Come on folks ... change is good! Isn't it?

    Who cares how the site looks - it's the information within that matters to me. As long as this forum works better than the old one does I am happy.
    The old site looked like she-ite! This looks much nicer. Before long we will all be used to it. Everyone panics at first, then it all settles in and you find all your stuff. 

    If you are a giiging guitarist and you've played all the sh*thole dives like I have, then an environment like this all of a sudden feels quite nice doesn't it!

    Trying to send some positive vibes out! I'd hate to see some people leave over this (which is likely inevitable) 

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    It works, but it's ugly as **bleep**, and I find it much harder to read.


    • Saturn
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      Well the problem is there are functionality issues. The site is not completely functional on iPad or other mobile devices. I can live with the looks if it functions on all of my devices.

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    Really, they bleeped a non-swear word? Seriously guys? I said cr@p for crying out loud...


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      I for one don't have any issues with the new forum.  The front page is a bit busy but I never go to the front page so it's no biggie to me.

      The limited use of screen real-estate is a bit silly but since I rarely browse in full-screen mode that's not a big deal to me either.  

      For those complaining about the font size, go into My Settings  and change the font size  to large or extra-large, problem solved.

      I do think it's a big improvement on the iPad.  It uses the whole screen and is clean and crisp in appearance.



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        Time will tell. Not super intuitive for me as of now.

        oh, and I lost a couple thousand posts from post-count. Whatever. what happened? I had 5000+ posts here.


        • benricci
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          Ah, OK - here was my problem. For some reason, even though I'm on a desktop machine, the forum defaulted to "mobile view," which is why it looked completely ridiculous on my iMac.

          When I scrolled to the bottom of the main page, I noticed the option for "full version," and viola!

          Seems dumb that it auto-defaults to mobile mode, though...

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        **bleep** **bleep**
        We're not in Kansas anymore.


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          The mobile site is good.
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