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Xaviere questions.

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  • Xaviere questions.

    I've got an XV 900 that'is my favorite guitar but some things have puzzeled me..

    1 it has no seiral number anywhere that I can see.

    2 It has no label inside the f hole

    3 I found a little piece of paper inside with some Asian writing on it ,my wife is Chinese so I asked her what it said. She told me she could not read it because the writting is Korean .  

    Any thoughts?

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    • gardo
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      Just curious . Tha'ts what I do  I want to know everything about everything.


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    It's a super rare prototype made from bacon, balsa, and God's tears.
    ................The REAL Brah

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    • slideroni
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      The thing is, if it gets stolen, the cops won't do anything if they don't have a serial number, at least around hear. So I put a note in the control cavity with my driver's license number. You could also put your own number on it with an embosser or something.