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black squier cvc is here!

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  • black squier cvc is here!


    im lovin' it!  even the matching headstock which a lot of people be hatin' on, I think looks cool!

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    Thats badass...congrats


    Now the smiling portrait of you
    Is still hangin' on my frowning wall


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      Wasn't there already a black Fender Tele available?


      • billybilly
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        I'm bound to like that.

      • Mad Tele
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        bjcarl wrote:
        Wasn't there already a black Fender Tele available?

        there is the squier john5 but thats not vintage spec.


        This is basically a 62Ri that doesnt cost $2,000

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      That is one sweet tele.   I don't think it overpriced.  I own a CV tele and strat and they are well woth the money.  Great guitars right out of the box.   Enjoy!

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