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painting a polka-dot guitar

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  • painting a polka-dot guitar

    I have a no finish telecaster body coming from Warmoth, and I want to paint it like this:


    So I ordered some 1" circle labels and they just came and while I predicted this was going to be an issue, nevertheless it's still a problem. While sticking them on my Strat body to see how they did around and in curves:



    So my plan was to spray paint white, put the labels on, and spray paint blue afterwards. Obviously this wouldn't work with these labels, so I'm asking if anyone has any ideas about how to pull this off. I also think the wrinkling problem will be worse with a Tele body since the roundover is a lot smaller. Thanks.

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    To make these work, you will have to make relief cuts or cut the stickers in half or quarters to follow the curves/edges .
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      I'm not necessarily looking for the labels to work, I'm looking for any idea that would allow me to do this paint job

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    have you ever painted anything before? if so, think about using a circular sponge, and fill in by hand.