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  • Gibson /Epi Question.

    I removed the 3 way swich on my Squire Tele and replaced it with a blend pot. It works out well .I use the neck pick up with just a little bridge blended in to clean up the mud. I like the sound.

    I also have an Xaviere  ES-335 clone  . With the switch in the middle posistion and the neck at about 7 I try to use just a little bridge but with the bridge at about 2  the volume dies  Is this typical  or is there somethig funky in the wiring?

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    It is typical with conventional wiring. 

    The pickup is electrically placed across the volume control with one side tied to ground. The wiper of the pot is the output and goes to the switch then to the output jack.

    With the switch in the middle position both wipers are connected together. If either of the pickups is turned all the way down there will be no output from the guitar because both pickups will be grounded.

    335 style guitars are notoriously hard to work on but there is a solution to your problem. On some dual pickup dual control guitars, the pickup goes to the wiper and the output is taken from the outside lug of the pot (the one that is not grounded) and this makes the pickups independent of the other's volume control. The thing I don't like about this setup is the dramatic loss of highs as as a result of the pickup being loaded down when the volume gets turned down.

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      Thanks   At least I know this is typical . Not so sure I want to get into the mod. I may be better off to just leave myslf enough amp to be able to compensate  for a volume loss. I'm not eager to work on the wiring