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  • scolfax
    started a topic OT: Check out my guitar podcast

    OT: Check out my guitar podcast

    I started a guitar/gear/musician podcast called Dark Foreboding Stew.  The first episode is an interview with Andrew Griffen of Felsen, and in episode 2 I talk about my experience (my first!) at Winter NAMM 2013, indonesian Ibanez vs Japanese LDT Elite for the same price, a demo of the Xotic SP Compressor, and the pros and cons of several different approaches to memorizing all of the notes on the guitar fretboard.

    If you listen to podcasts please give it a try - I would love your feedback.


  • gshilladay
    For me the best podcasts I listen to myself are: No Guitar is Safe (fantastic! I really look forward to this), Live and Teach Guitar, Matt's Guitar Lick of the Week (I dip into this one), Guitar by the Glass, Justin Sandercoe and Robben Ford's Guitar Dojo (on SoundCloud). These are my favourites: No Guitar is Safe is the best of these although he does have a long intro; Sandercoe's and Robben's are quite brief and I'm not sure if they are keeping up with the posts. I did quite like Bishop Guitar Lessons too.

    My own Free Guitar Lesson podcast is also, I hope, worth a listen. You can find Tune in, Tone up! on iTunes (, and also on our website: where you can also find show notes and further support.

    As with BishopGuitars, I would really appreciate any feedback or requests for future episodes and would also be very pleased to link your website and share if you are a blogging musician and wish to add to your site. If you find what we're doing useful, then subscriptions, ratings and reviews on iTunes would be very gratefully received also. Please get in touch!

    Thank you to Adam Harkus for recently posting links to our show on his website:
    Tune in, Tone up!

    A fortnightly recording of Dan Davies giving Gary Shilladay advanced guitar lessons with loads of pace, ideas, advice and guitar talk.
    It’s available on SoundCloud, iTunes and Stitcher and topics include how to improvise over 12 bar blues progressions, some neoclassical shredding ideas, country guitar playing techniques, funk rhythm playing and chord melodies and Hendrix fills, with many more topics to come.
    It doesn’t follow the usual formula of teaching songs note-by-note, but rather introduces people to ideas on the fretboard to inform and guide their own musical journey and hopefully inspire their research and woodshed moments.

    Tune in, Tone up! Free Guitar Lessons Podcast by Dan and Gary on iTunes

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