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Playing my Vox Pathfinder through a Celestion Blue.

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  • Playing my Vox Pathfinder through a Celestion Blue.

    If you want to know why Vox is discontinuing these Pathfinders, it probably has to do with the fact that matched with a quality speaker, it's one of the best amps they make. Not good "for the money," just good.

    I know it's an SS amp so it doesn't matter but my Blue is a 16 ohm so I plan on using an 8 ohm Eminence Red Fang permanently. Should give it a bit more headroom.

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    Quality speakers can make all the difference in the world. I think you'll do well with a Red Fang. I have one, along with a Weber Blue Dog in my Hayseed 30. I like the Weber just a tiny bit more, but the Red Fang is great as well. There's a Pathfinder on my local CL that I've been toying with the idea of buying, just for a small grab and go amp. It's like $200 though. Is that a lot for one of those?


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      Pathfinder 15Rs were $119 until discontinued. I wouldn't buy one for $200 unless it's the head & cab version, since those are limited edition.

      Yeah, I bought a 50w Blue Dog from a fellow forumer last week in addition to my two Alnico Blues (one inside my AC15) so I will have the trinity of AlNiCo speakers to play with. I am thinking of getting a nice lightweight 2x12" open cabinet, putting two Alnico Blues in there and installing the Blue Dog in my AC15 instead.

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    Clean it sounded good. Distorted, not so much IMO. Can of buzzing bees comes to mind.
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      They do sound nice clean and are OK driven, but not great. Certainly a lot better than a similarly priced Marshall MG15 or similar. - The Blog of the Ancient Mariner My photography blog

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        Good to see these amps get some love. I think they are voiced particularly well. Don''t care for the overdrive but takes pedals well. Yes they sound best with an external cab. Get'em while you can.

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        Ancient Mariner wrote:
        They do sound nice clean and are OK driven, but not great. Certainly a lot better than a similarly priced Marshall MG15 or similar.

        The LED mod helps the overdriven sounds quite a bit and gives more headroom as well.  It's a simple unsoldering of two diodes.

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      I like this amp, it can get some sweet clean tones and some cool gritty overdrive tones.

      The heavier drive sounds... I find that you have to work a little more to make those sound good, but I guess that it has to do with the heavy sounds I'm used to seek.

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        I use my little pathfinder for low-volume practice at work, playing/singing, clean with a bit of reverb.

        Actually mine is some older version, V9158, so no reverb but tremolo with

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      I have a Pathfinder 10, and it's great. I want a 15, especially one of the limited edition 4x8 stacks that were made. Looks like I'll have to jump on a used Pathfinder 15 soon.
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        I didn't know the pathfinder was no longer to be found.  Very disappointing.  It may have had the best clean sound out of all SS amps I have heard, in any price range.

        Who makes these decisions anyway?  They have a hell of a reputation and certainly were still selling...?  I guess they are targeting an audience who wants bells and whistles (ie: mega digital effects).  

        I haven't been this upset since Ibanez discontinued their SZ series.