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What's the most gibson-y fender?

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  • What's the most gibson-y fender?

    I might be looking for something that looks better than that silly gimmicky supersonic and comes with two humbuckers that can get me as close as possible to the sound of an sg or les paul, without losing the playability and comfyness of a fender neck and 'countoured' light weight body...

    That pretty much narrows it down to a blacktop jaguar hh and a hh strat...So should I put aside my aversion for the shorter scale of the jag, or will do the strat do just as good at mimicking lp/sg type tones? 

    I know the title suggests I'm a hige noob. I'm not. I've decided I should stop trying to convince myself I can get into gibsons though. I keep buying and selling em again. I figured I still love the way they sound, I just always keep going back to my fenders, with the un-sticky necks, comfortable body shapes, etc...



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    FS: none
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      twotimingpete wrote:



      At 2:47 he playes "Paid in Cigarettes" by Hot Snakes. Best. Guitar. Review. Ever.

      Thanks for posting!

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    Well, they're both . 75" off the Gibson scale in either direction. I'd think you'd get used to either one in a week or so. The short scale isn't that much to get used to.
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      Not sure about the  body contours but this is what I would look at

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    Try to find an HH Toronado.  It's proper scale and has the four-knob configuration.  A dual-humbucker still feels like a Tele ...


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      I'll vote for the Fender Esprit / Fender Robben Ford Signature Model.  


      Fender Esprit




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    Expected to see at least one Jim Root Strat or Tele.

    Was not disappointed.

    Although that's not my answer. My answer would be a Tele with a humbucker in the bridge and a rosewood fretboard. The body should have a warm wood, not too bright.

    On paper, at least, it would seem the best Strat to get might be the American Special Mahogany Strat. I'd bet the pickup should be swapped out for a PAF style humbucker, but even then, I doubt it would be a close match to a Les Paul.

    Fender American Special Mahogany Strat

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      What about a Fender FMT Tele

      Mahogany body, set neck SD Peraly Gates Bridge and SF 59 neck.




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        kit_strong wrote:

        What about a Fender FMT Tele

        Mahogany body, set neck SD Peraly Gates Bridge and SF 59 neck.



        I think we may have a winner.

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      I'm telling you, man.  Find yourself an HH Toronado ...


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        Stratosonic, available in various years, Cherry or TV Yellow, in P-90 or HB's.
        Stratosonic HHStratosonic


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        I love my Cherry PP Strat-O-Sonic!

        I would say its close to a dual P90 SG.
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