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OT: How about some new job mojo?

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  • OT: How about some new job mojo?

    Been stuck in a job i'm not particularly enjoying by any stretch of the imaginiation for well over the past year. I know that i am lucky to have a job in this economy but my direct supervisor has made my life a living hell due to her insecurities and extreme mood swings on a daily basis.

    I've been applying for a while now and finally went through the last round of interviews last week. Now comes the hardest part, waiting. If i get this job i would be able to to move closer to home and finally live in the same places as my fiance (we've been doing long distance for some time now).

    Wish me luck!

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    Mojo sent. My wife is in a similar situation, so I can identify. Best of luck!
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    Mucho Mojo sent
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      Good luck, man!

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        Good luck! I'm trying to find an entry level position after college.

        Need experience for job. Need job for experience.

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      Mojo sent. I hope this new opportunity pans out. Psycho managers are pretty common in most industries, by the way. It gets worse the higher up you go.
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        Thanks guys. I've posted on here about my situation before. I basically took my supervisor's old job and am doing it much better than she did (along with taking on many other tasks) so i think she just hates me because i make her look lazy. 

        I went out of my way to try to create at least a decent working relationship but got nothing but eye rolls and backhanded compliments from her. 

        Unfortunately it looks like i'm not getting the job, my interview was last Tuesday. They said they would be in touch soon. Shot them an e-mail yesterday asking to see what their timeline was for making a decision and have not heard anything back. You would think after 4 interviews they would have the common decency to let me know one way or another. Even a basic 'thanks for your time' e-mail, which i've gotten plenty of recently...