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    Wow, love the headstock inlay, looks ace!


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      Thinking about that, Knock. I don't own an amp so either my wife needs to give me a vintage Fender for Christmas or I'll have to make my own. Any good books on vintage tube amps?

      I recommend these.


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        Nice work, looking good!
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          wow! amazing talent! subscribed!
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          There's no "just a" allowed here. There's no reason to denigrate a great guitar that does the trick for you just because it's less expensive than someone else's.

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            Wife caught me looking at this thread yesterday; she insisted on seeing the whole thing and is very impressed.
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              THis is really cool! Great work and I love the headstock inlays!
              Great Deals

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              Damn son! Not only are you a master dealer, I also crown you king of the multiquote!

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                I'm in.

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                  Fantastic thread.

                  Thanks for keeping up with the updates.
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                    I have to look at these threads when its done as I'm all impatient now waiting for update

                    Looks great though, I will try something like this one day.
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                      Lets finish the headstock before moving on. First, route the channel with a stepped router bit. I'm binding in cream so I cut a few pieces and bent the top of the crown with a little heat from a heat shrink gun. Here are the pieces, the ends of the binding are mitered to make a nice looking corner (note that I modified the Gibson headstock shape just slightly by removing he dimple in the center - much easier to bind that way and I don't want this to be a pure Gibson copy)

                      I thought that I had another tube of Duco cement but it had gone bad so I used CA - works good but you have to move fast. Painters tape to hold it in place

                      It stands a little proud of the veneer, but scrapes back nicely so its flush

                      Enough for today....


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                        Wow. Someone already said it, but you do make this look easy. Nice work!
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                          freeman, i know your threads from HCAG. could you show a quick pic of some of your finished acoustics?
                          Originally Posted by Puckman

                          I'd have to put "Goo" in there first, personally.


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                            great thread...well done
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                              freeman, i know your threads from HCAG. could you show a quick pic of some of your finished acoustics?

                              Well, gosh, OK, if you insist, blush.....

                              I built these earlier this year - Weissenborn type lap guitars as were played in the '30's. Comtemporary players include David Lindley, Ben Harper, Bob Brozman and others. Koa with maple trim

                              Here is the tricone that I built a couple of years ago. Most are metal altho National Resophonic is building a wood one now, again, this is koa with maple trim

                              And this is a very long scale ladder braced 12 string as was played by Leadbelly and Willie McTell (and today by guys like Alvin Youngblood Hart and Paul Geremia). It is typically tuned to C or even B and absolutely roars with a bottle neck. Red (adi) spruce over mahogany, scale lenght is 26-1/2 inches

                              the headstock in my avatar is my go to guitar - very similar to the one EC played on Unplugged. There are others, but I don't want to be too off topic. Now back to your regularly scheduled Les Paul clone...


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                                Fantastic, Freeman! You've got to play this beauty for a VOM when it's all put together. If it's anything like your acoustics, it'll be a true work of art.
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