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  • Wow, love that finish and the wood covers. Can't wait to see the fully finished product.


    • How about a truss rod cover made of flamed maple and given the same sunburst as the body? Too much? What are you thinking of doing?

      Good idea - lets explore this. I bought a plain old black truss rod cover, but it has a tiny line of white around it. All the other trim on the guitar is cream - the white just looks wrong. I have scraps of rosewood, maple and mahogany - I was leaning towards the hog and staining it the same as the back and sides but the idea of the maple is pretty cool. I guess I would have to air brush the burst on it - boy that would be pretty fine work. The other idea wasrose wood with a very thin veneer of birch on the back which would create the cream line. I think I'll make all three and we'll have a vote.


      • Maple truss rod cover w/a burst would be special.
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        • Beautiful!
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          • Just jumped in on this thread last night. My daughter woke me up early this morning and I came down to the living room to get caught up on the thread. Freeman, you have some absolutely mad skills brutha! Can't wait to see how this turns out!
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            • Dayum! That is beautiful, I love the color and the work is super well done!
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              • Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. The finish has had a week to cure, pretty minimum but I get kind of impatient at this point. Before I start buffing it, however, I want to do the frets - there are lots of little metal filings that can scratch the finish so I want to do it now.

                First thing is to file the ends of all of the frets first flush with the fretboard, then put about a 30 or so degree bevel on them. I hate sharp fret ends so I then round them of with a little jeweler's file. This is also the point where I scrape the binding flush with the board and clean up any glue or finish that might be lurking there

                Next I adjust the truss rod absolutely flat

                There were a couple of slightly high frets, I'll file everything with a mill bastard file, lowering the high ones and just touching the tops of the others. Sorry about the picture, once again I am the victim of Photobucket and it won't let me turn it the right way

                Now I go over all the frets with a big hunk of steel that is very flat. I've taped some emory cloth on it. Again I am trying to bring the top of every fret to the same level.

                I don't know if you can tell, but 20 was flattened more than the others - it would have buzzed badly. Also, you can see metal filings all over the board, that means that all of the frets got cut a little

                Now after making them flat on top I've got to recrown the frets

                and polisht them, first with fine sandpaper, then steel wool. The little metal thing is a draftsman's eraser shield from back in the days that we drafted with pencils

                Here is the board with nice shiny level frets, ready for the next step


                • Really fantastic work.


                  • I've been watching this thread since the start, amazing work, I can't wait to see it all set-up with hardware.


                    • Damn, that looks amazing. I love these build threads. I don't even care if the guitar isn't my style, I just love watching them slowly emerge from hunks of wood. It's like the wood is already containing the pieces of the instrument, it just takes a skilled craftsman to properly bring them out.
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                      • " The little metal thing is a draftsman's eraser shield from back in the days that we drafted with pencils"

                        Classic. Great inventive tip. Thanks.
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                        • This is one of the best threads here in a while. Well done sir!
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                          • Man, this thing looks more and more incredible every time I open this thread! One of the most beautiful LPs I've ever seen, and it's not even done yet.
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                            • SCORE!

                              I think I mentioned that I didn't own an amplifier and wasn't completely sure what I was going to do. A friend offered me a loaner to set the guitar up and play it while I figured out what I wanted. However over the holiday we visited my family in Portland and while the girls were shopping for Christmas dresses, my son (remember my son, he is the cause of all of this sillyness) said "dad, lets you and me do a little shopping too". We went to a wood working tool store so Tom could get a router bit and I was very good - drooled over a lot of cool things but resisted. We went to a nice model shop (I've been want to get back into building a model or two as soon as the shop is clear) but again, Tom picked up something he needed, my visa stayed in my pocket. We thought we'd go to GC and just look at amps - Tom said he could explain different features and models and then, right in the middle of the used section was

                              My son said "dad, that would be perfect. In fact, if you don't buy it I probably will". We took a Les Paul off the wall, plugged it in and played around (remember the second problem is that I don't know how to play electric guitar). So here is this grey bearded old fart sitting in the middle of Guitar Center with a silver and black Les Paul playing Alices Resturant (it was Thanksgiving, after all).

                              Anyway, it sounded pretty good and the darn thing followed me home - Gibson GA20RVT. The standby switch pops a bit when turned off but othewise seems to be in pretty nice shape. What 'cha all think - will this give me the vintage bluesy sound that I think I want?


                              • ^^

                                The perfect companion Freeman.