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there is a new lesson loft over at guitarampboard

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  • there is a new lesson loft over at guitarampboard

    Hi guys,


    if you disklike the 'new Harmony Central', the guys from the amp forum opened a new forum which also has a lesson loft:




    my website - free licks - some of my music

    I offer online guitar lessons on Skype in different styles. Send me a PM if interested.

    check out my EP 'Sonic Sketches'

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    It's my sincere hope that people will be patient with the new site / software.  There are a lot of things to tweak, but the powers-that-be are working on getting things to look & work more like the old HC before themajor malfunction.  Please don't bail now, . . we're almost there.




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      Waiting for that eagerly...:P

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    Thanks for posting this, hopefully it takes off.

    No offense to any of the hard working people here, but Harmony Central is very poorly run.  There have been umpteen software upgrades, all with new looks worse than the last, and they all grind to a halt eventually.  I spend a fair amount of time on various message boards, none of them seem to have the issues this place has.

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      Personally I don't really care about the physical atmosphere of this place. I return here because I very much enjoy the people who frequent here. It is one of the most civil and friendly rooms out there and it would be sad if many of you left.