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  • Tab interpretations

    Interesting how different people can come up with different tab interpretations of songs.

    Different ears hears different things.


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    Yep! A good look at Guitar Pro tabs is a good start.

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      People hear what they know.



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    While transcribing a guitarist will start off at a fret/string which he likes the most or is more comfortable to play with. There itself the differences start coming up between him and the others who are trying to tab out the song. 

    There are few notes here and there which when played differently sound completely different! Thats another difference in the versions! 

    And it is also somewhat like "taste". People start off and end up with what suits them and what they prefer.

    Hence I would attribute the difference in tab intepretations to these personal differences arising in basic beginnings like these.



    • JonR
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      Two possibilities for error:

      1. Hearing the notes wrong;

      2. Getting the fret/string positions wrong (or rather, different from the original).

      #1 is obviously critical! People can hear things wrong for various reasons: not listening closely enough; hearing what they want or expect to hear; hearing rogue frequencies such as overtones, or conflicting instruments (the general mush of dense or distorted productions).

      #2 is less important - assuming one gets the notes themselves right! It's subject to things which a listener can't often tell, such as alternative tunings. And it can be a matter of personal preference anyway.  The ideal position to play any phrase - if there's more than one possibility - is a combination of easiest and best-sounding - and that can vary from player to player.