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Boss ES-8 midi connection error

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  • Boss ES-8 midi connection error

    Hey all,

    I am not a midi person and am just starting to figure this stuff out. I have a Boss ES-8 and a Eventide H9 I'm trying to get to talk to each other. I figured out out to get my patches to change with the H9 but when using the Boss computer Editor, I keep getting a midi connection error. So I currently have this setup: Win7 with a Behringer UMC204HD Interface. Connection is Behringer Midi out to Boss ES-8. Boss out to in H9. H9 out to in Behringer audio interface. The H9 is set to channel 1. The ES-8 is RX is globally set to RX channel 2 and Dev 2. Via the Boss ES-8 Editor everything works but I get midi connection errors and I dont understand why. Maybe someone here has experience with a similar setup? thanks!
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    Get a splitter and try that as a midi hub.
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