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Why Doesn't Boss reissue the finest Chorus pedal ever made: Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble

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  • Why Doesn't Boss reissue the finest Chorus pedal ever made: Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble

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    They did recently release the Waza Craft CE-2w, which is as much a CE-1 in some respects as it is a CE-2. Have you tried one? The form factor is different, but it is a very cool sounding chorus / vibrato pedal.

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      The reason you don't see them being remade is because those CE1 units were a Rolland made pedal with a Boss name slapped on it.
      I own a 70's Rolland AS1 sustainer which was made using a similar rounded case. The circuit inside could easily fit inside one of the new boss pedals if they ever wanted to reissue it, even though it was an 18V battery only pedal.

      Boss may have in fact reused that circuit as Phil said. The main difference between a CE1 and CE2 is the CE1 uses transistors for a bucket brigade and the CE2 uses a chip. The rest of the circuit is very similar in design. The Boss CE3 has more differences then the other two but the thing is, that doesn't necessarily make it sound different. The voicing, the delay timing, the LFO and shaping can either be the same or different.
      you really just have to use have to use your ears in determining differences.

      I will say, one difference the older CE1 has was a built in power supply vs using wall warts. I've owned many vintage effects that had built in power supplies and they typically had better sounds because they ran on higher voltages of 12 or 24V. Of course it was those same built in power supplies which often made them more susceptible to failure too. With a modern pedal you simply buy a new wall wart. The older stuff often has small and inexpensive transformers and they didn't always hold up so well in stomp boxes. I had several Maestro, Rolland, and even Electro Harmonix units fail because of their cheap power supplies. Modern Boss adaptors are one of the better made wall warts, not only because they are zero hum but they are built solid.