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alternatives to eventide pitchfactor?

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  • alternatives to eventide pitchfactor?

    was listening today to neil youngs le noise album and was wondering how he recorded this sound. did he do guitar overdubs and multiple guitar tracks and if so how did he do this on so much improvised sounding songs?

    luckily the wikipeda article about the album has some explaination. he used a stereo amp setup, together with a gretsch guitar with stereo pickups and an eventide h3500 subharmonic generator, which produced different guitar harmonics on the left and right side of the stereo image.

    i did some research and it seems the the eventide pitchfactor is todays incarnation of a h3500, put in pedal form. so far so good.

    i play a two amp stereo setup. i like the idea to have different harmonics on the left or right side of my setup, as if i would play two different tracks simultanously

    is there an cheaper alternative than the pitchfactor? it must not have all features, i have delays and stuff, but no pitch shifting so far, so this is what i would need at least.

    how would i then need to set up my signal chain?
    if i want to pitch shift only one side, it would need to be pretty last once i splitted my signal, after my stereo delay or after stereo verb, but pitch shifting so late in the chain with already dirty signal with delay and verb on would be hard for most pedals.
    putting it up front before the dirt pedals, means either i pitch both channels or i need to have two signal paths parallel until the stereo pedals (with maybe 2 different dirt pedals in the paths)...

    if i would get the pitchfactor, where should it be placed, just before my stereo in delay after the dirt and modulation section, or would it need to be before the dirt pedals?

    any thoughts and ideas welcome