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  • Who said there arent any new inventions

    Saw this while Trolling eBay.
    How many times have you taken your pedals to a gig and wind up having all the settings get screwed up when moving.

    This one is an improvement over a mod I use putting a rubber washer under the knob to make them hard to turn.

    This one is a locking knob you can replace to keep your pedal/amp settings in place until you pull up on the outside sleeve which allows the knob to turn. Then when you drop it back down the outer sleeve grips the teeth at the bottom to grip the knob to keep it from turning accidentally. They come in several different colors too, Black and gold, silver and gold, all silver etc.

    The price is a bit inhibitive. I cant see paying $21 for these. Maybe its a bad listing. Manufacturing should be about 25 cents each so $2.10 would be a realistic price. A thousand percent markup above that for the logo seems ridiculous, but I suppose having a quazi unique product might give you a wide open market for awhile. You cant patent it however. Locking knobs have been around since the 1930's or earlier. They used to be common on radio gear for locking in radio stations.

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    This is pretty cool too. Colored LED strip to spiff up the pedal board and its got a wireless controller.

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    I like these bypass button knobs too. They call them barefoot buttons. The bypass buttons on most pedals are stiff as hell. If you've ever tried to turn them on wearing soft moccasins or bare feet it can be painful. The Allen screws on these button knobs lock them to the switch shaft and you have a much larger surface area to push on. Even with shoes on it gives you a much better chance of hitting the button

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