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    what pedal give the volume swell reverse sound on a switch? for down and dirty and quick?

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    ˙uɐəɯ noʎ ʇɐɥʍ ʇəb ʇ,uop ı
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      If I'm understanding what you're asking for, the Boss SG-1 Slow Gear was the original automatic "volume swell" pedal, but they're long out of production and rather expensive.

      Pigtronix had a couple of pedals that can do it, but both of them are now discontinued - the Attack Sustain and the Philosopher King. The Guyatone SV2 Slow Volume also does it, but I think it's discontinued now too - so is the DOD FX15 Swell Pedal.

      BYOC used to sell a kit called the Lazy Sprocket, but their site says they're out of stock. There are some "swell" pedals on the market still, but I have not tried any of these myself, so I'm not actually recommending them - just letting you know what some of your options are... the TC Electronic Crescendo, the Mooer Slow Engine, and the Tomsline ASH-3 Slow Hand are all similar effects that can provide automatic volume swells that can be used to simulate things like "violining" and backwards or reversed guitar recordings.

      The one I'd probably look into first that is still on the market is the Malekko Sneak Attack. Why? Because I love Malekko's stuff, and their pedal seems to have the most interesting and useful combination of features of all the ones that I'm aware of that are currently available new.


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