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Boss explores new dimensions and returns to the metal zone

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  • Boss explores new dimensions and returns to the metal zone

    With Waza Craft versions of the pedals that is.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    I don't know about the Metal Zone since it's still available in its original form, but the Dimension C has been out of production for years, and it has a lot of fans - I can see that being a big seller for Boss.

    What do you think? Do either of these two new pedals pique your interest?


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    I watched some of the new MZ videos. The custom side is completely out of spec for my tastes. The regular side was demo'd with the irritating treble down and sounded muffled. Gave me a couple ideas on tweaking it. Gonna plug mine in later today; see wtf.
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      I'm curious about the Dimension C. I know it's been a fave of some great players.

      I've got a Metal Zone that was modded by Mark Humphrey. Big improvement in range. Wonder how this newbie is different?