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DMG pedals - check out 2 cool new pedals here (sound demo)

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  • DMG pedals - check out 2 cool new pedals here (sound demo)

    DMG (Dedicated Music Gear) is small custom pedal maker started own brand recently in 2018. Check out 2 our new pedals:

    Fuzz Case - old good original Fuzz Face JDF2 circuit with mods (true bypass, power supply, compact regular size body). Hand selected matching transistors to get more aggressive punchy sound

    Drive Case - Fulltone OCD circuit with hand selected components. Individually built and precisely tuned to get best tone

    Let us know Your opinion. Cheers!

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    Welcome to Harmony Central!

    While I understand your desire to get the word out about your products, posts like this directly from manufacturers are generally considered to be spam under our forum rules. You're welcome to answer questions about your products when someone unaffiliated with your company asks about them, but we ask that companies refrain from starting threads about their own products.

    In the future, if you have a video, new product announcement, contest, or anything along those lines pertaining to your company and your products that you think might interest our forum members, we ask that you please contact a moderator (that would be me... ) with a private message to get permission first before posting them.


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