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How many pedals can a boss psa adapter power?

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  • How many pedals can a boss psa adapter power?

    I heard they do up to 10 boss or mxr pedals. is this true ?

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    Add up the nanoamps.
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      "up to" is kind of the qualifier there.
      like 1001 was saying (cute), one majorly controlling factor is if it can handle the current draw and that varies from pedal to pedal.
      some take a teeny amt others take quite a lot

      it's a little like "how many people can that hot air balloon hold?"
      are we talking women's gymnasts or offensive linemen (and I don't mean rude telephone repair techs )?


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        There's no hard and fast answer to this question - you simply must do the math and add up how much power each pedal requires. It will also depend on which PSA adapter you have.

        If you have one pedal that draws 200mA, then that's all you'll be able to run off of an ORIGINAL PSA adapter from the 1980s / '90s / early 2000's, because they only supply 200mA. If you have ten pedals that each draw a maximum of 20mA, then you can probably power them all with a single adapter... even though the PSA is intended / designed to power single pedals only.

        Since different Boss and MXR pedals have different power requirements, the answer to the question will depend on which specific pedals you want to use.

        The latest PSA (the PSA120S2) provides up to 500mA, which is definitely more than the original offered, but the same basic principles apply. If you have one pedal that draws 500mA, then that's all it will power, but if you have ten pedals that each draw no more than 50mA, you should be able to daisy chain them off of a single adapter.

        Frankly, I wouldn't recommend trying to power ten pedals off of a single PSA power supply, even if they don't draw a lot of current - you'd be better off getting something like a Truetone 1 Spot or a Godlyke Power-All and using that instead. They provide 1,700 - 2,000mA (over three to four times as much as the newer Boss PSA) and are designed to power multiple pedals, where the PSA is really intended for use with single pedals.


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