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  • Mooer GE200

    Has anyone looked at this or tried. Looks really cool and the price is not bad.
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    $100 + too much. OTOH going by the youtubes, it does lead stuff for about as much as a disto and delay.
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      I have about a half dozen similar multi effect/modeler units for recording. They can be cool as hell for getting a vast variety of sounds happening.
      The Vox, and Digitec units I've used for several years now.

      I got an M-Audio Black Box about 9 months ago. It was designed by the guy who engineered Lynn Drums and the effects are times to the built in drum machine. The latest one I bought a few weeks ago was a Delta Lab unit. So far the amp tones are excellent. Drive tones are very analog like.

      The amp tones in these kinds of budget pedals aren't exactly like the amps they try and emulate but given the simplicity they add to getting decent sounds recording direct I'd surprised how few people have discovered how well they even work.
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        It looks interesting, and the price seems very reasonable, but I haven't tried one.


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