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  • BOSS GT-8

    Hi there,

    These things go pretty reasonably these days. I have a chance to get one for about €120, in excellent condition. I am going to inspect it tomorrow. I am unfamiliar with the unit (though I had a GT-10 for a while). I've read a bit about it online. Some say that it is the best GT made. I am not into spending €400 for the GT-100.

    I don't really intend to use its amp sims. I just bought a VOX AC15, and couldn't be happier with it. I want the FX and the cry-baby to use with the VOX, but that is it.

    So, besides checking to see if I get the 'low battery' message, what else should I look for?


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    Low Battery? I guess you're talking bout the memory backup. They should be easy to replace.
    That model is maybe 10 years old now? Thing I'd look at is its condition. Make sure the display isn't faded, switches and jacks are in good shape. Other then that they are pretty durable units.

    Not sure the amp modeling was very good even up to 10 years ago. They had basic cab emulation which used EQ tricks for direct recording but they really hadn't started using digital cab impulses yet. Any kind of head emulation was pretty generic and uniquely "Boss" sounding. Anyone trying to recognize the amp type in a blind listening test would likely have a hard time recognizing it by the sound quality. I surely wouldn't exclude the use of anything the pedal has to offer. The old adage, is it sounds good use it applies here. I'd say even more so because modern Vox amps aren't the same animals as the vintage amps were either so use whatever makes it sound and play well.