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  • Power Supply Help! Large Board

    Looking for some advice/recommendations on a new isolated power supply for my pedal board.

    I'm looking at Walrus Audio Phoenix, MXR CAE MC403, and possibly, Voodoo Lab Mondo, or a couple of MXR Iso Brick.

    Heres a list of what's on my board: (picture attached)
    Ernie Ball Vol jr
    Dunlop CAE Wah
    Boss BF2
    Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz
    JHS Morning Glory
    Walrus Audio Mayflower
    TC Electronic Viscous Vibe
    MXR Phase 95
    Boss TU2
    MXR Classic Fuzz
    MXR Micro Amp
    Boss DM2
    Malekko Ekko 616
    Boss DD3
    Boss RV3
    Stone Deaf Tremotron
    EHX Small Clone
    Line6 M9 (powered with its wallwart)

    Thanks in advance for the help!!

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    What are you using to power everything now, and what issues (if any) are you having?


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      looks like a couple poweralls etc.

      your problem isn't power draw but number of pedals/connections.

      the Walrus Phoenix is the only one with enough taps and looks good for your current pedal line up. it has 12v & 18v taps if you need them in the future, but none of its taps are rated higher than 300ma which could be a problem if you add a big box digital in the future.

      MXR CAE MC403 has 16 outs, but 4 are 18v, and 2 9vAC, you'll be short a few taps unless you daisy chain somewhere. it has 18v, 2 adjustable, & 9vAC, but it's also limited to 2 200ma taps.

      Voodoo Lab Mondo isn't in the same league as the others. it's even shorter on taps, and total current supply. you don't need it atm, but it has no 18v and none of the taps is rated higher than 400ma.

      I'd go with the Phoenix, and you might be able to use a current doubler if you get a big box.

      otoh, a strymon zuma has 9 500ma taps, so you'll need an Ojai extender or daisy a few, but it'll handle the big box digitals.

      you might look into the gigrig power distribution system too, but thats 'more assembly' required

      ps. that's if your still going to use your wallwart for the M9. otherwise, the CAE is the only one that'll handle the M9.
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        Cioks comes to mind but the name is about all I know.
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          Click image for larger version

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            You've gotta love the name of that thing...

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          Just using godlyke poweralls right now.

          Dweebking- thanks!!! I was leaning towards the walrus...Didn't even know about the overkill!!

          Looked into the gigrig system before... I was unsure if it really made as much sense and was truly low-noise.

          Really appreciate all the advice!